Monday, September 7, 2009


For the past week my wife, my oldest son, and myself have had the opportunity to share in the welcome of 986 brave young men and women into the US Navy, my youngest son was among them. As he reached one of the most important milestones in his life, graduating Navy boot camp, I experienced one of the proudest moments of mine. There are few things more honorable than serving ones country. I would like to thank all of our vets, past and present, for all that you do! Here's my son-

He's now on his way to Texas for A-school and we're packing up and getting ready to head home in the morning. As amazing as it was to spend the past 5 days with my son, after living in a Motel 6 since last Wednesday night, it will be great to get home! Too bad we have an 11.5 hr drive ahead of us, lol! Fortunately for me my oldest son has done all the driving on this trip, to include an excursion into downtown Chicago! He's done an outstanding job of getting us around in the sometimes insane traffic, he's an excellent, safe driver.

The Chicago area was a cool place to visit, but I doubt I'll return anytime soon. Between the traffic and the general over-crowding, this place is not for me. However, I did get to have lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe! Anyway, here's some pics of our trip-

My family at Bass Pro Shops-

My son dreaming of his next bike-

Hopefully one of my future blogs includes a trip to Texas to visit my son! Right now I'll be happy to get home and get some riding in!

Keep the shiny side up!

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