Saturday, January 30, 2010


Wow, almost finished with the 1st month of 2010, time flies and riding season will be here before we know it. It can't get here fast enough!! I need some therapy, lol! I did manage to get about 100 miles in 2 weeks ago, not bad for January in Kansas. Now we've had a cold front move in so it looks like I won't be riding for a couple weeks. Oh well, at least that time will be filled with a small project.

So far, I really like my sporty, even though I've only been able to get about 350 miles on her. Allot of friends warned me against getting a sporty, said I wouldn't like the ride, especially after having had a big twin metric. I'm happy to say they were wrong. I haven't found any problems with the way it rides, it vibrates a bit a stops, but come on, it's a Harley, they're supposed to do that, lol! Once I'm rolling the ride is fine and I can't quit smiling. So far I really only have 2 complaints. 1, the stock seat sucks, but I've had that complaint with every bike I've ever owned regardless of make, and 2, the sound. The stock pipes are absolutely awful! It sound like a damn sewing machine with a heart murmur, lol! Now I'm not looking for drag pipe, head splitting, wake the dead noise, I want something with a good low end thump, something I can putt through town on and not piss everyone off, but at the same time screams when you hammer it. I had that exact sound with the Fuggin Fab pipes I had on my Meanstreak, so I called 'em up and much to my disappointment they don't make pipes for sporty's. Even if they did, I probably wouldn't be able to get them as they start at $700. So I've spent the last couple months watching ebay hoping to find a deal on something, yesterday my patience paid off. It seems that Holley is discontinuing their line of Hooker Rebel pipes and has been dumping their inventory on ebay. I clicked the "Buy it Now" option and within a week my small project will be here! They're a mid length, staggered, slash cut with baffles, new for $150 including shipping, I couldn't pass that up. I've never owned Hooker pipes nor do I know anyone that does, but I figure at that price it's worth the risk. If I don't care for the sound, I'll just mess with the baffles till I get a sound I like. Hopefully next weekend brings some wrench time and updated pics!