Monday, August 31, 2009

Maybe Monday's aren't so bad

Yup, this morning sucked, waking up to find out my good friend and club 1st Officer had a heart attack over the weekend. At least he's resting comfortably at home, he goes in in a week to get a stint put in and then another 2 weeks following. Thank God he wasn't riding his Wing when it happened! Hang in there Bro!!

But now for my big news of the day! I(actually, we, my wife and I)waited patiently close to the phone all weekend, waiting for the call. It never came, arrrrgh! A beautiful weekend of riding missed. Oh well, that's how things go. I forgot about the call today, work gets a little hectic at times. I was in the office on the phone dealing with tech questions from dealers, finished one of my calls and one of our ladies that works up front said I had another call. I'm thinking, great, another idiot that can't figure out how to wire the lights on a truck bed, but I was wrong, it was the call!! You see, my youngest son joined the Navy, 8 weeks ago he left for boot camp, we got one call from him and other than occasional letters we haven't heard much. I knew that last week was their finals, known as Battle Stations. The culmination of successfully completing Battle Stations is a ceremony where they are issued their uniform ball cap that says "Navy" on it. Until that point the hat said "Recruit", they were referred to as that for the entire time. That ceremony was the recognition of 8 weeks of hard work and learning to be a sailor. He called me at work, they had the ceremony today and he is officially a Sailor in the U.S. Navy!!! I am so proud of him! Words can't begin to express how proud I am. My son chose to do what I feel is one of the most honorable things that anyone can do, serve his country. I served(8 years, Army) my grandfather served(WWII, Army, POW) and many of my other relatives have served as well. I'm very proud that he chose to continue the tradition, it was never forced upon him nor suggested to him, he chose his path himself and we supported it, not an easy thing considering how things are currently. He graduates this Thursday and we're going! Wednesday morning we're off to Chicago(Great Lakes Training Center) to watch him graduate and spend some time with him before he ships to his A-school. Congrats Jayson!! We love you and are very proud of you!!

Mondays aren't so bad after all!

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