Sunday, February 26, 2012


Finally got some good saddle time today! Originally, I wanted to get some miles on the iron head, but after it not wanting to fire and not having parts, I left the no sparkin' bitch to sit until I have time to do more troubleshooting. That's for another post, lol!

I needed to do some work on the Drifter so I got up early, headed to the shop and fabbed up some mounts to my wifes floorboards in a more comfortable position. I got that knocked out it short order and it was only noon! Time for some miles as it was a gorgeous 60* today! I got a couple hundred on just cruisin' back roads, gotta luv it!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

1st ride.....

On my "new to me" '76 ironhead! Clear and damn near 50 so since I put a new battery in yesterday I figured I'd get the old girl out for a few miles today.

My initial list-
1) needs new riser bushings
2) footpeg rubber needs to be re-glued
3) needs new bars, I hate buckhorns, maybe some 8" baby apes
4) gotta get a new seat, solo only
5) shorter shocks or hardtail, not sure which yet

All in all, she runs like a champ, very solid and very quick, lol!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A little more progress!

I wanted to get rid of my fender mounted tag bracket and clean that area up a bit. I don't need a fender mounted tag/brake light since I've already done the stop/turn/tail conversion so I figured I do a side mount tag bracket with just a tag light. After pricing a few I decided to build my own, no way I paying those kind of prices for something I can build! I figure I weld and fab for a living, have access to lasers and a full powder coat shop, I can do it cheaper.

Start out with a cardboard template to the actual size I want-

With a little help from our computer guy at work we programmed it in SolidWorks, sent the file to the laser and pushed go-

I stuck it in our press-brake to get the bend on the tab and sent it through our powder-coat set up-

The powder-coat didn't come out as nice as I would've liked, but what can I say, it was free! You won't see much of it as the tag will cover it so I'm gonna run with it!

The parts are starting to accumulate so more updates as it progresses!

Monday, February 6, 2012

One leaves, another arrives.....

Finally pulled the trigger today. I traded my '07 Kawi Vulcan 900. It's been hell of a bike, not just for me but both my sons got plenty of seat time on her too. But with everyone out of the house, I've got my Drifter for the long rides with my wife, I've got my '06 sporty that's kinda heading down the bobber route, and the 900 just wasn't getting the attention it deserved nor did it fit in with what I've found myself getting into as far as bikes go. It went to a good home, a local guy has it and will ride the wheels off it.

Sitting in front of it's new home-

Now the guy that got it also had the bike I traded for, a '76 Sporty. Rebuilt about 2 years ago by a well respected local builder, S&S carb, bored and cammed, she just needs a little TLC to be back to where she needs to be. I'm also beginning the process of research and getting the parts I want so I can take her apart for a make-over later on.

Got her home tonight-

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A little more nakedness.........

Spent some time in the garage today and pulled the Screamin' Eagle pipes off in anticipation of the arrival of my new pipes. Hopefully next week!! Also got rid of the lower belt guard, nasty lookin' plastic piece anyway!  Now it's time to order some more parts!