Motorcycle Gear and Reviews

Motorcycle gear is often one of the most overlooked aspects of riding. Whether you're a daily rider, a weekend warrior or touring maniac having good gear can mean the difference between an awesome ride in any conditions or a miserable torture session. Hopefully the information you find here will help you select quality, cost effective gear that will make any ride a great one.

  Recently, I have been fortunate enough to be able to team up with Dewayne Jasper and the crew at Motorcycle House and Viking Bags to bring you open and honest product reviews. The first is currently in the works and I can say that so far their communication and enthusiasm has been top notch. I'm looking forward to bringing you product reviews that are not only easy on your wallet, but will make your rides great ones.

  Here's an infographic from Viking Bags that folks planning a trip could benfit from, especially 1st timers!

How To Choose Motorcycle Saddlebags Infographic
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