Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Bee and the Biker

Woke up to a nice day so after some coffee and messing around the house for a bit I decided to take advantage of a wonderful day. My wife didn't want to ride ride today so I changed things up a bit, I rode my '07 Vulcan 900 Classic. Normally my oldest son rides it but since he was busy with other things I decided to take it out. It is a blast to ride! The 900cc mill pulls it along just fine on the highways and byways not to mention it gets about 50 mpg. I didn't plan on alot of miles today, just kicked back cruising the countryside enjoying the day, still managed around 170 miles.

The Bee

As I was cruising along a county highway I felt a bug impact on my chest, nothing major, in Kansas you get used to it and just keep right on rolling. A few miles later I feel something that's like a pin-prick on my side, then on my stomach, then on my side, it was a damn bee! By this point my left hand and the bee are playing cat and mouse under my vest while the rest of me is trying to find a safe spot to pull over on this narrow 2-lane road. By the time I finally caught up with the bee, I had probably been stung a half dozen times or so. I promptly squished the little bugger and got pulled over so I could clean it's entrails out of my shirt. Thank God I'm not allergic to bee stings!!

The Biker

I stopped in one of the towns later on my ride to get some coffee and stretch a bit. As I pull into the gas station I see a Harley sitting at the pumps, looked like a very nice Deuce. I pulled off the the side of the store and on my way in I ran into the owner. He was dressed much like me, blue jeans, chaps, t-shirt and vest, we exchanged hello's going through the door. In passing I noticed that he was wearing "MC" colors. This is where it got entertaining, as I'm going to the 2nd set of doors which have a mirrored tint to them, I see him turn around to see if I'm wearing colors(I don't, just a large POW/MIA patch)I got a chuckle out of that. I get my coffee and after I paid for it I'm heading towards the door and I see him take off on his bike, circle around mine giving it the once over, then goes and parks on the opposite side of the parking lot, making it very obvious he wants no part of a conversation. Each to their own, but I found it entertaining, lol!

A shot of the bridge over the Big Blue River with Blue Rapids, Ks in the background.

One of the few curves in our area, alot of fun!

Centralia Lake, our family used to camp and fish there about 12 years ago, very nice relaxing place, might have to go camping again!

Veterans Memorial Wall in Seneca, Ks.

I don't usually take gravel roads, but for whatever reason I decided to today and got these pics.

Marysville, Ks. The black squirrel city, cute little buggers!

The Washington County Veterans Memorial, the company I work for built this out of steel, had it galvanized and donated it to the county.
Keep the shiny side up!


Rob said...

Darn BEEs always trying to ruin a good ride. Some of my fondest memories of riding are the conversations I have had on the open road. Cant we all just get along.

Scribe816 said...

I once had a bee get into my helmet. As I put it on I felt it sting me. I ripped the helmet off and started dancing around like a mad man. My daughter didn't know what was going on and thought I had lost my mind.