Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall is coming

Fall is definitely on it's way, with a departure time yesterday of 9:30am it was an invigorating 50 degrees and sunny. An absolutely beautiful morning, but still a reminder that colder months are coming. I really can't complain, we've had wonderful riding weather this year and if last winter is any indication of this year I should be able to get a couple rides in every month throughout winter. I've got some decent cold weather gear so I never winterize my bike, it's always at ready in my garage for that unexpected nice ride.

What made yesterday's ride even more special for me was that my oldest son, James, was riding with me! Between college and his girlfriend there's not much time left for riding. Also being your typical broke college student a bike is out of the question at this point in his life, so I try to keep my Vulcan 900 ready so he can scratch the proverbial itch.

3 friends and co-workers also had itches to scratch so the 5 of us met up and hit the road. There's not many pics from the ride, we just wanted to ride so there weren't very many stops. Kansas makes for some great, straight, flat roads, while the scenery can be unique in itself, it does get quite boring after awhile. Although, if one gets adventurous and gets away from the beaten path, twisties can be found, lol! Highway 99 between Wamego and highway 177 is one of those roads. While it may not be the Dragon or Arkansas, for Kansas this is a great ride of twisty roads through rolling hills and farms with little or no traffic. All totaled we got about 250 miles in yesterday and a stop at our local HD/Kawi dealer for some mandatory drooling, lol!
Here's the group at one of our stops overlooking Lake Wabunsee. Doug and his Honda Shadow Sabre 1100, my Meanstreak, Don's 1200 Sporty, James and the Vulcan 900, and Nate's Vulcan 900.
About the only things missing to make this a perfect ride was my wife, who opted out of this ride, and my youngest son Jayson who is currently at Sheppard AFB for his Navy A-school. Still a great ride though!
Keep the shiny side up!


Scribe816 said...

The colder the weather, the more I like the ride. When the thermometer drops, the diehards come out to play. By the way, since you did 250 miles can I assume the hangover is gone? Been there, done that.

MeanStreak said...

The hangover was gone by Friday night, so everything was good for the ride on Saturday. It'll be awhile before I drink like that again, lol!