Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SCRC State Meet

We had a great evening ride to Wichita last Friday. It's about a 3hr ride for us so we left late in the afternoon and met up with some members of our chapter for the ride down. Once of the things I like the most about riding in Kansas is the lack of traffic, it made for a great cruise on the open highway. Our chapter is small and going through some reorganization so there was only 5 of us that could make it. Pictured is Frosty's '82 Honda CBX, my Kawasaki Meanstreak , Mouse's '07 Gold Wing, Sarge's '07 Yamaha Venture, and Azul's '8? Yamaha Venture, topping off at a truck stop in Junction City getting ready for the ride to Wichita.

Everyone hanging out hoping for their number to be called for a raffle item, lol!

It was a very good turn out for the 1st state meet with 60 or so bikes in attendance.

The meet was a great success and the Air Capitol Chapter of SCRC did a great job of hosting it, these guys put alot of work into it, my hat's off to them! Saturday afternoon there was a group run, it was very cool having that many bikes together. One of the best parts was when the group left the park for the ride, the hosting chapter had coordinated with the city police and we had an escorted ride, complete with traffic blocks, to the main highway. It was a short run, about 50 miles, but still fun on the backroads of Kansas. At the end of the day when all the raffle money and donations were counted almost $800 was donated to St. Judes Childrens Hospital, way to go SCRC!!

Some notes-
The streets in Wichita suck! They're rough and not well maintained. We stayed at EconoLodge, the prices aren't bad, $30-something a night, the rooms were pretty decent, cable, fridge, microwave, good sized bathroom, but I think the cleaning crew forgot how to vacuum, the carpet was nasty, but it was livable for a couple nights.

No run is complete without thanks. I've got to thank my brothers and sisters in our chapter, Rolling Hills 314, spending time and getting to know you guys was priceless, I am indeed fortunate to call you friends. Mouse, your generosity is inspiring, thank you. Chu and the rest of Air Capitol Chapter 277, thank you for all your hard work for putting this together, it was a blast!!

Ride safe!


Scribe816 said...

Check for a typo on line 2. An escorted ride, 50 miles and a sizable donation to a worthy cause. Sounds like a good day. Does the last bike in your pic have an old Vetta Windjammer windshield?

Scribe816 said...

Footnote: The one in question is in
the first pic of the 5 bikes. The one at the end w/the red windshield.

MeanStreak said...

Thanks for the heads up on the typo, that's what I get for not using spell check, lol! The bike in question is an 80-something Yamaha Venture 1200 touring bike, that's the stock fairing. It does look alot like the old Windjammers' though. Thanks for reading!

Ride safe!