Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hermann, Mo run!

3 weeks out!

Just f'n ride!!

What originally started as just a halfway meeting point get-together for a couple of Army buddies to hook up and spend some time riding, camping and drinking beer is now expanded to an open invite ride for anyone interested. It doesn’t matter what ya ride, just show up, throw up a tent, and ride. No fees, nothing’s provided, fend for yourself. The plan is simple, show up Friday 9/17, ride Saturday 9/18, go home Sunday 9/19. No set time for the ride on Saturday, wake up whenever and ride. No set route either, just ride, maybe 100 miles, maybe several hundred miles. Finish out the day with some cold ones at the camp ground in Hermann Mo. If you’re interested show up and JFR!!

We'll be rollin' through KC on Friday, Sept 17th and meeting up with my son there and then on to Hermann Mo. via the quickest route possible, the super-slab.

For more info-

Just F'n Ride!

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