Sunday, August 1, 2010


I haven't been this excited about a road trip in a long time. I spent some time with Dan over the weekend going over routes and general plans. This is much more than a Sturgis trip, this is something both of us have been needing, time in the wind. Sturgis, while I am looking forward to my 1st time there, is a waypoint on a road trip that I get to share with someone I consider a brother. I've also found out that there's a 3rd joining us, Anthony, who just got his 1st Harley, a '06 XL1200C. I've known Anthony for a little while and he's a good guy, this'll be the 1st time I've ridden with him though. Dan's known him for many years, so this'll be a good run.

This coming Friday at 6:30am the fun begins, 3 idiots, 3 Sportsters, 3 days, 1300 miles, Sturgis S.D., and a hell of alot of fun!!!

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chessie said...

Looking forward to reading of your adventures.