Monday, September 6, 2010


Our 1st major project is here! With a sporty and a Vulcan 900 currently in my stable a project wasn't necessarily something I was looking for, but Jimmy was looking! Since he just recently moved to Kansas City, it needed to be cheap so after some searching he found his diamond in the rough, a 1980 Yamaha 400 Special II, almost an exact duplicate of his 1st bike. The price? $150 for a complete(although that part doesn't really matter, lol)albeit non-running scoot. The good, it's been kept inside, it turns over. The bad, I don't really think one can say there is bad, it was bought as a project and the mindset going into it was that it would be totally taken apart, modified, and rebuilt into what he wants.

One of the other drawbacks to him being new to KC is that he doesn't have anywhere to keep it or work on it so I told him to bring it home, I'll make room in the garage and help him with it. For me this is going to be a blast! I've built alot of stuff over the years and have been welding and fabricating for the last 20, but I've never built a bike. The coolest part is to be building it with my son! I think the hard part is going to be stepping back and letting him do the building and me just helping, lol!

Arriving from KC

one last stock picture for posterity, lol!

No tear down session is complete with Leinenkugel, Hoegaarden, and Corona!

Let the games begin!

WTF!! Someone bypassed the fuse block and pretty much hard-wired the electrical system.

Never know what you'll find buried in these projects, lol!

Definitely gonna re-wire it!

Takin a break

The scrap pile is growing!

Great, more f'n wires, lol!

alcohol induced maybe?

more beer fun!

zuccini seat?

zuccini tank?

Pretty much stripped down

Nice pile of scrap

Now to figure out where to go from here, Jimmy says it's going to be a bobber. Time for research, parts, cutting, and welding! Hopefully by spring he can ride it out of the garage!

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