Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hangin' in KC

I didn't get much ridin' in this weekend, but we did cage it to Kansas City and spent the weekend hangin' out with my oldest son James! Several weeks ago he took a job up there and we haven't seen much of him so this was a great weekend.

While fueling up in Waterville Ks, we got to see an impromptu air show, 9 planes flying at just over tree top level made a couple passes over town. I only got pics of this one, I was a little slow on the draw with my camera.

Once in KC we just kicked back for a bit at the house James is staying at.

Meet Nestle, the homeowners 20 year old cat, very old, very social, and a perfectly creepy Halloween cat!

Couldn't have timed it better this weekend considering there was a swap meet in Independence Mo. not too far from where we were staying, so of course we had to hit that as well. There was some very cool stuff there, the only problem was not enough cash, lol! My only score of the day was a cool little bullet mirror that will find it's way on the sporty at some point.

Saturday night James took us out for dinner in KC. He had found a cool spot just up the street from KU Med Center called Fric-n-Fracs, a cool little biker friendly bar & grill. With cold Boulevard on tap and a killer taco special on Saturdays how could we go wrong! Another swap meet next month, looks like another trip to KC! 

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James said...

Next month indeed! better get some dough together. I know I need to. All I have to say is fifteen hundred bucks.