Sunday, August 15, 2010

Damn it!

Took off early this morning for a Southern Cruisers multi-chapter ride, sun was out it was looking to be a great day! We got about 80 miles into the ride and as I pull up to a stop light and go to put my foot down my right leg hit something solid. WTF!? It was the exhaust pipe coming off my rear jug!
This aint good!
Once we got pulled over and I could check it out, I found that the rear mount for my pipes had snapped.
Now doesn't this just suck! We still got about 250 miles to go. Off to the local Wally-World for a couple hose clamps and 20 minutes later we're back on the road!

After we got home from the run I took it apart and loaded the pipes in the car so I can take them to work with me. Working in a steel shop has it's advantages! I'll be making some mods to them and putting them back on, can't afford new pipes right now.

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