Saturday, March 6, 2010


Sorry, no pics for this one, that'll have to wait till after tomorrow's run, lol! This has been the 1st real weekend of riding for me this year. The weather(so far) has been simply gorgeous, if not for the wind, this would've been the perfect spring weekend. Partly cloudy, highs in the upper 50's(it hit 62 today!) with a little wind. The first real good weekend of riding my sporty and getting to know her. So far we've logged about 400 miles of local back roads and a little super-slab, there's no real twisties around here, but there are some real cool sweepers if you know where to look. Nothing we rode phased her, she took everything in stride and asked for more. The sporty's acceleration suprises me every time, she is quick! Suprisingly enough, with as quick as she is I would expect higher speeds to suffer a little, not the case. On our trip on the super-slab today I found the sweet spot right at 80 mph. She just settles in there and purrs along effortlessly, I love the gearing of the sportster!

Todays ride turned into a special one for me. I had already planned on just over 200 miles this afternoon, but the bonus for me was that plans unexpectedly changed and I was able to share that ride with my oldest son James. Even though he's still living at home while he finished college(graduates in 2 months)we rarely get to see each other. Between our work schedule, his college schedule, and his time with his girlfriend, we don't get to spend alot of time together, let alone ride. Things just happened to work out and he could ride today! Now being a college student on very little income he doesn't have a bike, but I've got 2, lol!! I rode my sporty, he rode my Vulcan 900, and we put in just over 200 miles. I couldn't have asked for a better day and riding home into a sunset, just my son and I on 2 bikes riding along a deserted country highway. Priceless.

Ride safe!!

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motoroz said...

Isn't great to finally have some good weather!?