Sunday, March 28, 2010

The 2x6 run

Today I rode what I call the "2x6". Why 2x6? Because the route goes around 2 lakes and through 6 counties, about 250 miles total. The weather was wonderful, we topped out at 58, light wind, and lots of sun. Now Kansas isn't blessed with mountains, twisties or any other natural wonders, but it does have a flatland beauty all it's own. Right now things are just starting to green up and the spring colors aren't quite in full swing yet. Just being able to spend some quality time in the saddle today was well overdue therapy.
The quality of the pics isn't the best, I'm taking them with my Blackberry. If I can't figure out how to make it take decent pics, I'll have to go back to my trusty digi-cam, lol!

The north end of Tuttle Creek Lake. That's what's known locally as "the mile long bridge". I have no idea if it's actually a mile long or not, but it's long for around here lol!
North end of Tuttle Creek Lake with the "Mile long bridge" in the background
Another of north Tuttle Creek

Poser shot overlooking Tuttle Creek Lake

more posin', lol!

Another view of "Mile Long Bridge"

north Tuttle Creek Lake

Posin' at the south end of Tuttle Creek Lake

more posin'

posin' again ;^)

Tuttle Creek Dam

Milford Dam at the south end of Milford Lake

posin at Timber Creek campground

north end of Milford Lake

Ride Safe!!!

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