Saturday, March 27, 2010

Catching up

It's been a couple weeks so I figure it's time to get off my lazy behind and update things, lol! It hasn't been quite warm enough to get alot of miles in, but we did get some traveling in. The week before last we went to Gulfport Ms and spent almost a full week with my youngest son who is stationed in the Navy there. He deploys to Spain next week so it'll be a while before we see him again. My first impression of Mississippi wasn't necessarily a good one. As we traveled south from Memphis the one thing that stuck out was the amount of trash in the ditches long the highway. Mississippi is a beautiful state, but obviously some just don't care, it's too bad. I love the weather there, one evening we were enjoying seafood and beer on the beach it was almost 70 degrees, at that same moment it was snowing in Kansas, lol!

Jayson decided that since he was deploying I needed to be in the modern world so we could communicate easier. I now have a Blackberry. I have cussed these things for a long time and to me they are known as Crackberrys, everyone I know that has one would rather spend time with their Crackberry than a live person. I have given so many people shit about these things and about how they would rather be with their Crackberry than a live person, now I have one. Yes, I'm getting a lot of shit over it, lol! I must admit, I like it, it's a very good traveling tool. Anything from using it's GPS and mapping capabilities, to using it's web capabilities, it makes traveling and finding things while traveling a breeze. One very cool app I started using is Pandora, with it you can set up your own internet radio station based on what you like. Just type in the name of an artist you like and Pandora puts together a playlist of similar artists, very cool app.

On to some pics from our trip, sorry about the quality, I used my Crackberry to take them, lol -

Family shot on the Gulf

A shot of Biloxi from a pier

Steve Vai's guitar at the Hard Rock Cafe in Biloxi

Sunset at the beach in Gulfport

Yesterday we finally had a decent day for riding so my oldest son James and I took advantage of it and got some miles in. Here's a couple poser shots taken at a local fishing lake.

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