Friday, March 5, 2010

Cabin fever!!

Cabin fever, yup, I got it bad, lol! The weatherman is saying this will be an awesome weekend with highs around 60 today, tomorrow, and Sunday. So I got an early start this morning, my oldest son decided to document the "fever"-

After last weekends ride through some melting areas I decided I needed to wash my Harley for a nice long weekend of riding. About 9am I rolled her out in the driveway and went to work, thing is it was about 38 degrees so everyone decided I was nuts, tell me something I didn't already know, lol! Well, it's time to put some miles on!!

Ride safe!!


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Yep, I've got the fever too. It's gets worse each day. Gotta wait for the salt to wash off of the roads first.

Gary France said...

Washing your bike, preparing to ride, cleaning your gear.... all very therapeutic!

Nothing beats getting out on the road.

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