Sunday, June 19, 2011

Road Trip '11, pt. 2

The next leg of our journey takes us from Mammoth Spring, Ar, to Memphis Tn, Jackson Ms, and finally one of our destinations, Gulfport, Ms where our youngest son, Jayson, is stationed with the Navy.

Now it's starting to get hot, by 10am it was in the mid-90's and it was only going to get hotter.

The bridge into Memphis-

For this trip I gave Mississippi the award of being the most boring state to ride in, granted we could've probably found more scenic routes, but we didn't look for them, our mission was Gulfport. Why boring? Because from Memphis to Gulfport it's nothing but this-

The one perk to all  this nothingness was this-

As we got into Gulfport the temp was 107, but none of that mattered when we met up with our son, Jayson-

We also welcomed a new member to our family, Jayson is now married and we got to meet his wife, Julie. Welcome to our family Julie!
Jayson, Julie, and their Siberian husky, Leonidous
Jayson and Julie are also expecting their 1st child in December, our 1st grandchild, talk about making a guy feel old, lol!

No trip to Gulfport is complete without a trip to the beach-
Leonidous' 1st swim in the Gulf

nope, he don't like water, lol!

my wife and I

Good breakfast right next to our motel!

Jayson and Julie also took us on an excursion to Mobile, Al, pretty cool city, but they can keep the traffic, lol!

I also got some new ink while in Gulfport. My sons and I had been talking about all of us getting a tatto that was representative of our family, a family crest if you will. After getting the idea on paper, we turned it over to Billy Joe at Gulfport Tattoo's and let him work his magic-

The star is for my service in the Army, the Navy anchor is for my son Jayson, the treble cleff is for my son James, and the Korean lettering is for my wife, it says "Family First".

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