Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DB '11

Why "Dirtbag" Run? Well, we'll probably look like a bunch of dirtbags the next day, lol!  For the most part it'll be a guys only run, not that the fairer sex isn't welcome, but sometimes guys just need a chance to cut loose and be lewd, crude, and socially unacceptable. If the significant others can put up with that, come on out. Oh, I forgot to mention, tent camping or under the stars, no campers, no RV's, no hotels, no showers(unless a swim in the lake counts), no chase vehicles, no A/C, just a weekend party in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't matter what you ride, just ride the damn thing. Plan on being self-sufficient, if you want to get with your buddies and split loads, equipment, etc, that's on you. No fee's (other than possible camp ground or shelter fees)no vendors, no t-shirts. BYO, beer, food, tents, bags, whatever. Leave the attitudes and ego's at home, their not welcome, it's about having a good time with good friends.

Date- TBA, but it'll be within the next 3 months.

Place- TBA, right now we're looking at southwest Kansas

We'll roll out on a Saturday morning, ride about 300 miles, party, pass out, and head for home on Sunday.

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