Sunday, January 16, 2011


Finally! More volume! Those that follow may remember the problems I had with exhaust and how the mount bracket for my Hooker pipes failed and I went back to stock pipes.
Damn it!

When I remounted my stock pipes I also debaffled them, but the sound still sucked and the look of the stock tapered pipes is just awful. By nature, I'm a cheap-ass, always on the hunt for the best deal, but this time when it comes to pipes, I know what I want but the cost is just out of my range for now. What to do in the mean-time? Why you scour e-bay and local shops for used parts, that's what! After many hours of searching the web and not finding anything, I started calling local indy shops. I called Hank at Henry's Chop Shop and he had a deal for me! He had a set of used Screaming Eagle II slip-ons that might fit. I took off for the 30 minute drive to his shop-
Henry's Chop Shop
After doing some measuring, we found them to be a perfect fit! Once I got back home I fired up my space heater and got busy.

While they're not exactly what I want, they are a huge improvement over stock both in looks and sound. I couldn't help myself, once I was done with the install I had to fire her up! What a major difference! These are some great sounding pipes, not obnoxiously loud, but definitely loud with a great bottom end rumble. I think they were one hell of a score for $60!!

While at Hanks, we were talking about what I wanted to do with my sporty and I said I wanted a 3.3 peanut tank for it but was having a hell of a time locating one for a reasonable price. One of the guys there that runs their sister shop in Wamego said he had one(sorry man, I suck with names!)at Bobbi Dees House of Chop. After some discussion making sure it was the correct tank for my bike a deal was made! I went to Bobbi Dees on Saturday and these guys opened up on their day off just to get me a tank! Talk about customer service! Talk about surprised when I saw a perfect factory tank off a rubber mount sporty, not a blemish on it! I apologize for no pics, but I was so damn excited just to get one I went straight to my friends house and gave him the tank, he's also a painter and will be laying down a sic paint job on it!

More to come!!

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Rob said...

Its all working out for you! Can not wait to see the new tank.