Saturday, January 22, 2011

Support Indy shops!!

For the past year the web has been an invaluable tool for researching different aspects of modifying my sporty. I've spent countless hours looking at stuff, trying to find good deals, but so far the best deals I've gotten have been at local indy shops. Not counting dealerships, we have 6 local indy shops. Now I live in the middle of nowhere so my definition of local may differ from yours, 2 are within 30 minutes, 3 are within an hour, and the last one is about a 1.5 hour drive, I still consider that local, lol!

Just like the old jeeps, my views on my bike are more of a utilitarian nature, I'm not building a shiny show bike, mine is built for miles, lots of them, so new shiny parts aren't necessary. Granted, new and shiny is cool and has it's place, but I don't have to have that on my sporty. With that mindset, I began scouring local shops for good used parts.

In my opinion, indy shops are the life-blood of our addiction, for the most part these guys and gals are in business because of a passion for 2-wheels. Yes, they're in it to make money, what business owner isn't, but I think most of them have a passion for 2-wheels that is almost more important than making every dollar they possibly can. You can see it in the way they work on and build machines, you see it as they invite into their shop and answer endless questions from those of us less knowledgeable, you see it in their eyes.

This list is a small thank you to the shops that make life a little easier for us shade-tree wrenches.

Henry's Chop Shop

Cowboy's Custom Cycle

Road 6 Customs
Road 6

Prairie Hawg
Prairie Hawg

Motorcycle Supply
MC Supply

California Phil's

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