Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great weekend!!

I couldn't have asked for a much better weekend! Jimmy came home for a couple days and I got some miles in with him, always a good time! See his blog for some pics-
Roadside Swagger

While Jimmy was getting ready to head back to KC Saturday morning, I got a call from Mongoose. Now Mongoose and I have been friends for the better part of 10 years, we met back when I was into rock crawlin' and we hit it off immediately. We're both pretty out-spoken and about as politically incorrect as you can get, we'll call a spade a spade and if it offends someone, oh well, maybe they needed to be offended. He's also one of the very few guys I'll call "Brother". Now if I can just convince him to get back on 2 wheels, lol!

Mongoose says, "How about some beer, brats, fire, music, and some good times in my courtyard tonight?" After some thought(about a split second)I tell him let me check with my boss(wife, lol)and call ya back. After a quick chat with my wife, I'm back on the phone with Mongoose, "I'll be there in about 3 hours or so". He lives 3 hours away so it was a great chance at a road trip, I got my gear together and hit the road.

After about an hour I'm rolling into Concordia Kansas and see a couple bikes on the shoulder and pull over to see if they need any help. It was a couple of older guys on a road trip from North Dakota to Arizona and one of them had the misfortune of having his front tire go flat. Upon closer examination we found his valve stem was almost torn in two so I showed them to the nearest indy shop, California Phil's, and went on my way. By this time the rain had cleared and the clouds had given way to sun so it was time to peel the jacket and lid and enjoy the ride.

Rolling thru Salina, Ks on 135-

Stopping for gas outside of Salina-

Now Mongoose doesn't mess around when it comes to 4 wheels, while others were building Jeeps, Yota's, Zuk's and other smaller rigs for the trail and rocks, Mongoose went over the top, he built a Suburban, lol! It rolls on 36" Humvee tires on the street and 40's on the trail. Oh, and don't tell him it won't fit, lol!

With Mongoose being an avid hunter, there's always cool stuff around his place-




Valley Center is pretty dead at 3am-

By around 4am or so we'd had enough for one night and I hit his couch for some shut eye. Woke up about 10:30 or so to a very overcast and cool morning, it was hovering right around 50 with a slight north wind. At least I had brought my gear so I put it on and headed north. After a stop in Newton for fuel and some grub I decided to take a different route back so I jumped on 15 and head through Abilene and Clay Center on my way home.

By the time I hit Abilene the sky had cleared and it was right in the mid 60's, great riding weather! I made a quick stop at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Complex in Abilene and grabbed this pic of the chapel there.

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend, I got to spend time with my son Jimmy, my son Jayson called from Israel, and I got to go hang out with Mongoose. The biggest thanks however, goes to my wife, she's put up with me for 23 years and never has a problem with me spending a little time away from home and hangin' with my friends.

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motoroz said...

What a great weekend. It is awesome having a supportive wife.