Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a weekend!! Technology is such an amazing thing. The year I got out of high school(1984), our school got it's very 1st computer, our class was on it's way out so we didn't get any time in on it. Fast forward to 1999. We got our 1st computer and I started learning my way around it and the web. I got a long way to go, lol! Anyway, now I can "Skype" with my son, Jayson, in Spain, complete with video, draw things in 3D and numerous other things thanks to computers and the web. Where is this going you may ask. Well, let's back up a few years. From 1990 to 1992 I was stationed at Ft. Riley, Kansas. When I got out, and through numerous moves and jobs, I lost track of all of my friends I was stationed with. That is until this past March. We were visiting my son Jayson in Gulfport, Ms and Jayson said, "Did you know a guy named Jay when you were on Ft. Riley?" I was shocked, I told him yes I did, he was my best friend there and we lost track of each other over the years. Jayson said, "He's looking for you on Facebook." Within minutes I was back in touch with my best friend that I had lost contact with 18 years ago! Technology is amazing! We continued to communicate via Facebook and this past weekend he traveled to my house for a reunion. A little back-story, when I met Jay on Ft. Riley, he didn't ride, but I did. He wanted to learn in the worst way so I taught him. After all these years, he still rides! Although he didn't ride his bike here, I have 2, so no problem!! Now Jay rides a CBR1000, time to teach him the way of the Harley!
Jay learning the Harley
Jay on my Harley and me on my Vulcan 900
Jay and I cruisin' through Marysville, Kansas
Getting back to the house after the ride
A little clownin' and bs'n
Enjoying beer and BBQ!
No clue what he's taking a picture of, lol!

As with all good things, they must come to an end. This past weekend was a great one, reconnecting with Jay was priceless. We definitely plan on getting together more, especially since we're only 680 miles apart. Plans are already in the works for a halfway meet up sometime this summer, I can't wait! A promise was made, we'll meet up at least once a year till one of us dies. To some that may sound strange, but Jay and I are serious. They say you can count your true friends on one hand, I'm honored that Jay is one of them and counts me among his.

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