Sunday, June 13, 2010

New addition

Not to the "stable", but to our family. We've had a few pets over the years, but they've always been outdoor pets. My wife has never liked the idea of an indoor dog or cat, me on the other hand wouldn't mind at all, so I've always respected my wife's wishes and never pushed the issue. Last winter things changed. I have no idea why, but for whatever reason my wife allowed our son James to bring a kitten into the house. He and his ex-girlfriend had adopted a kitten together and somehow managed to convince my wife to let them do kind of a joint custody deal with the kitten (Bella) spending time at our house and at his girlfriends. Now my wife has always claimed not to like cats much, I have to call bullshit on that, lol! It started with her bringing little cat toys home from the store, I'd say "For not liking cats, you sure are trying to spoil her." my wife would reply, "I don"t like cats, I just don't want her to be bored." I call bullshit again, lol!  Myself on the other hand have always liked cats, they're independent, playful, mysterious, and I love watching them stalk whatever it is they're after. I can spend hours playing with cats or just watching them do their thing.

Over time Bella was spending less and less time here and more at her other house which was ok by us, after all it was their cat. Unfortunately the other home is in the country next to the highway and Bella got out and got too close to the highway and got hit by a car. While we were all saddened by that, that's just the way things go sometimes.

During the next few months my wife would want to stop by Petco, don't like cats huh? LOL! After not finding many kittens I figured she had given up on her search. A few weeks I came home from work and when I walked in the house my wife was acting weird and James was sitting at the table just giggling. I knew they were up to something, but couldn't quite figure out what. It took me 2 trips into the kitchen to figure out what was going on, there I saw a little pet carrier, litter box, and food and water bowls. For an early Fathers Day present, they got me a kitten! Meet Tigger-

Would you turn off that damn flash!

Still a little camera shy

Tigger is a female Abyssinian mix that they adopted from a local animal shelter. She's now 11 weeks old and is one of the most playful kittens I've ever been around. She's not much of a lap cat, she'd rather run and play, but that's what makes her Tigger, she bouncy and fun! But when she's tired she has no problems climbing up on you and passing out. As for my wife not liking cats, I still call bullshit. When we walk in the door from work the first thing my wife does is call for Tigger and spends a few minutes playing with her, don't like cats huh? LOL! I'm just as smitten with Tigger and am very happy to have her as part of our family. A big thanx to my wife and James for a wonderful Fathers Day present!

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