Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'bout damn time!!

After having smoke blown up my ass for almost 7 years, it's finally confirmed and going to happen! I'm going to robotics school!! The company I work for is sending me to Kuka College in Clinton Township Michigan for their basic and advanced programming courses.Our company got into robotic welders about 7 years ago and for various reasons I never got to go or have any specialized training. I read some manuals, played with stuff and figured a lot of it out. 3 years ago I had our robotic welders dumped in my lap, none of the owners "golden boys" could figure it out so I hit the books and turned our expensive "coffee tables" into productive, profitable machines. It's paid off, I finally get to go to school and learn from the best. One of the coolest aspects of this is that I get to ride 900 miles to the school, stay in a hotel for 2 weeks and get paid!! I love it! A paid road trip!!

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irondad said...

How awesome is that? Having some specialized skills in today's world isn't bad either!