Monday, July 5, 2010

The Chase!

This 4th of July pretty much sucked as far as weather went and to make things worse it was a 4 day weekend. Friday wasn't too bad, hot (mid 90's)and windy, but my wife and I still manged to get in a couple hundred miles on in the afternoon. We had a great ride through some beautiful country just to the west and south of Concordia Ks. Unfortunately, someone had the camera(Jimmy!! lol, just givin' ya shit son!) and I couldn't take any pitures. Saturday the weather went right down the toilet, the clouds rolled in and with heavy rain imminent, we didn't ride. It started raining Saturday night, it rained pretty much solid till late Sunday night and was still overcast and raining when I got up this morning. Later in the day I decided that since I couldn't ride, I'd just go ahead and do the engine and primary oil change. After a quick call to the local indy shop to make sure they were open, I headed over to pick up the oil and filter. Just as I was pulling into town the clouds broke and the sun finally came out, sweet!!! I would get some miles in tonight after all! I hauled ass home, got the oil changed, ate supper and hit the road for a short trip about 7pm. My wife didn't feel like a ride so I went solo. As I was heading east to sun and open skies I looked in my mirror and didn't like what I saw, rain clouds in the west moving this way. To hell with it, I'm ridin', the chase is on!

This is what was coming from the west-

South looks pretty good-

East is gorgeous!

I stopped at the Fancy Creek Bridge at the north end of Tuttle Creek Lake. Yup, it's still coming. I'm amazed at how high the lake level is. In the pic below, in what would be the lower left of the pic, there's usually just a narrow channel, about 25' wide, running under the bridge and snaking back west. Most of what's in the pic is usually just a grassy wetland.

The south is starting to cloud up a bit-

I stopped at the "mile long bridge", the west is starting to clear! The rain is going south!! I probably stood on this bridge taking pics for a bout 5 minutes. No wind, not a single car, no noise what so ever other than Mother Nature, it was beautiful!

Uh-oh, still a little left to the north!

After looping back in a northeasterly direction, the skies were clearing behind me-

The skies to west, towards home, were clearing as well-

Just something I thought was a cool pic by a cemetary near Frankfort, Kansas.
Great finish to the weekend, got a good ride in and the rain didn't catch me.........this time.

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