Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 10th and in the 70's!

Hard to believe it's still this nice in November! Of course it's not going to last, this is Kansas after all. Tonight's forecast calls for rain and possibly snow with low of 33 and a high tomorrow of 41, glad I got out for some miles today!

She's dirty and she's given alot of great miles this year. Will it be the last ride of the year for her? That depends on the weather and if I decide to do another round of mods. After having put alot of miles on her this year, I definitely have some in mind. Number 1 is the seat, while it looks great and has great lines, it's probably one of the most uncomfortable seats I've ever owned. It sits at too much of an angle and you end up sliding off the back under hard acceleration. I haven't decided which route to go, got to do more research. I have more in mind, but we'll have to see how the winter unfolds.

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