Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Almost time!

2 more days to go till roll-out for our Arkansas run! We roll out Friday morning, ride to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, ride the Ozarks Sat. and Sun. and ride home Monday. Otherwise known as a JFR(Just Fuckin' Ride) run. JFR is nothing more than some friends that try to get together for a guys run once a year. In '10 we did the 1st one which ended up being 3 idiots on sportsters riding to Sturgis and back in 3 days, in '11 life happened and we couldn't put one together, this year it's gonna happen! 4 of us are going from here, I'm riding my '06 sporty, another friend is riding his '02 sporty, I'm letting a long time friend(more like kid brother, lol!)ride my drifter, his dad is riding his Crossbones, there's also a 5th meeting us in Eureka Springs Friday evening. 4 days of wind and beer with a couple of my brothers, I can't wait!

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