Wednesday, June 27, 2012

vacation '12, pt 6

No trip to Gulfport is complete without a trip to New Orleans!

Found someone just his size!

gotta get some walkin' practice in!

The wonder in the eyes of a child

Bourbon Street!

One of my favorite pics

While I did enjoy Bourbon Street, the French Market, and the aquarium, I was not impressed with N.O. the stink was unmistakable from the moment you entered the city. Whether from poor sewage drainage, or "excess" from over-zealous partying, or even the still present remnants from Katrina, the city just plain stunk, and if you strayed from the somewhat clean tourist traps, it was a dirty city. Even with the fun I did have there for a day, the one thing that will stick in my mind is seeing a $50k Escalade parked in front of a house that still hasn't been repaired from Katrina. WTF!? N.O. for me is now a "been there, done that, won't be going back".

Yes, there will a part 7, lol!

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