Tuesday, June 26, 2012

vacation '12, pt 4

We decide to take a day and visit Ship Island. Ship Island is just that, an island located about 11 miles offshore and part of our national park system. It's also home to Ft. Massachusetts. For more info on Ship Island, click here and for more info on Ft. Mass, click here . The boat ride was about an hour out then they dropped us off for almost 4 hours before the boat returned. We're thinking Cool! Not so much. Unless you love to just lay in the sun there's not a lot to occupy the time. There's Ft. Mass., but it was closed due to flooding by the previous days heavy rains, fortunately there was a snack bar with food and drinks(yes, cold beer!)and a pavilion, you can guess where I was!
2nd one back, the Capt Pete was our ride for the day
just waiting to board

yup, that's me in shorts and sandals, you don't see that often, lol!

an hour later we're at Ship Island


proof that I actually did step in the Gulf
yup, it's beer-thirty
yup, that's my wife, she can't swim so she got a tube so she could enjoy some floating

Ft. Mass,
actually seeing rays not in an aquarium was very cool!

time for more beer on the boat back

the dorsal fins you see are actually dolphins, I wasn't quick enough with the camera to get any good pics

good-bye Ship Island!

yes, there's more to come!

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