Monday, February 6, 2012

One leaves, another arrives.....

Finally pulled the trigger today. I traded my '07 Kawi Vulcan 900. It's been hell of a bike, not just for me but both my sons got plenty of seat time on her too. But with everyone out of the house, I've got my Drifter for the long rides with my wife, I've got my '06 sporty that's kinda heading down the bobber route, and the 900 just wasn't getting the attention it deserved nor did it fit in with what I've found myself getting into as far as bikes go. It went to a good home, a local guy has it and will ride the wheels off it.

Sitting in front of it's new home-

Now the guy that got it also had the bike I traded for, a '76 Sporty. Rebuilt about 2 years ago by a well respected local builder, S&S carb, bored and cammed, she just needs a little TLC to be back to where she needs to be. I'm also beginning the process of research and getting the parts I want so I can take her apart for a make-over later on.

Got her home tonight-

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