Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A little more progress!

I wanted to get rid of my fender mounted tag bracket and clean that area up a bit. I don't need a fender mounted tag/brake light since I've already done the stop/turn/tail conversion so I figured I do a side mount tag bracket with just a tag light. After pricing a few I decided to build my own, no way I paying those kind of prices for something I can build! I figure I weld and fab for a living, have access to lasers and a full powder coat shop, I can do it cheaper.

Start out with a cardboard template to the actual size I want-

With a little help from our computer guy at work we programmed it in SolidWorks, sent the file to the laser and pushed go-

I stuck it in our press-brake to get the bend on the tab and sent it through our powder-coat set up-

The powder-coat didn't come out as nice as I would've liked, but what can I say, it was free! You won't see much of it as the tag will cover it so I'm gonna run with it!

The parts are starting to accumulate so more updates as it progresses!

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