Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cut it!

I love getting boxes in the mail! It usually means parts and more garage time, nothing beats garage time in the winter. Yesterday my box from LowBrow Customs showed up-

Time to get busy! This is the last time you'll see this-

Lookin' a little nekkid!

For the most part this was a fairly simple mod, with one exception, actually cutting a perfectly good rear fender, lol! As some of you probably know all too well, I'm a cheap-ass! There's no way I'm going to spend money on a chopped rear fender when I'm perfectly capable of cutting it myself so out came the 4.5" angle grinder and cut-off wheel. While this is not the perfect way to cut, it does work very well. I taped off the area to be cut to minimize paint damage, drew out the line I wanted, and went to town!

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

Time to get my new tail light mounted-

Now to wire it and finish it up. The wiring isn't hard, having a slight color-blindness disorder makes the 12v test light my best friend for this. I went through and identified all the wires, soldered and heat shrink insulated all connections, and finished up the job.

Not a bad hack job for a bout 4 hours of work, lol!

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