Friday, April 6, 2012

Just venting.....

Why do people buy a motorcycle to ride then load the damn thing on trailer to go somewhere? Really!?!Ride the fuckin' thing!

Dealing with OSHA regs sucks!

Mandatory over-time sucks....I'll like the paycheck though!

Just a thought to Indy shops, I realize inventory is costly, but stock stuff! If you got something I want on the shelf I'll pay you for it instead of ordering it. Don't tell me you can order it, hell, I can do that!

WTF is up with the "Craigslist cops" grow the fuck up and get a life!

Using a 37" flat screen TV as my monitor is awesome!!

Stupid people shouldn't breed.

Fuck being politically correct....some people need to be offended.

Why do people care about what other people ride?

Why do people move here and then bitch about how bad it sucks? Don't like it? Leave! Pretty damn simple.

Rant off..

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American Wind said...

good stuff, enjoyed the rant!