Friday, February 5, 2010

Now it sounds like a Harley!!

The big brown truck showed up last week with a big brown box from Hooker!! I love getting parts, lol! The pipes showed up on Tuesday, that made for a long week waiting for today to install them. There's no heat in my garage, but at least it's out of the weather and it wasn't too cold, so with temps around 35 I headed out to the garage this morning and went to work. Pulling the stock pipes off was easy(isn't it always). Hooker's instructions were a joke, so it was just a matter of figuring out what went where and putting them together. It was relatively easy, the only real pain in the ass was getting a torque wrench on the exhaust stud nuts, there's not much clearance there. I think they're a huge improvement in looks and the sound is great, not too loud at idle and have a hell of a roar when you twist the throttle. Anyway, onto a couple pics-

Unfortunately, I won't be getting any seat time anytime soon, winter's not ready to give up just yet. This is the view out of my garage today-
Oh well, it is February in Kansas, it's to be expected. Maybe it's time to look into moving south, lol!


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Nice clean look. Sweet.

Steve said...

They'll sound great out on the road. They look real sweet too!

motoroz said...

Looks great. Right now it is snowing in North Texas so may need to move really far south!

irondad said...

You should have waited a bit to do the work. Now the itch to ride just got worse!